Dr. med. Johannes Lang


Most people know me as „the beauty doc“. This is right, but not the only truth.

Johannes LANG M.D. THE BEAUTY-DOC - but much more

Since 1999 I’m specialized in aesthetic medicine, Laser surgery and work on and below the skin.

Before I was coming from the Surgery / plastic surgery and specialized myself from 1996 on pain treatment and Acupuncture.

I see the medicine with open horizons and focus on the branches I like.

What I like, I can work out to perfection

So don´t worry - it is totally normal to find so different possibilities in our portfolio.

11 Lasers

Every Laser is a specialist. Like the doctor who is using it - should be!

With the latest generation of Laser I cover most of the best possible indi-cations:

Unwanted hair, unwanted vessels and redness, unwanted pigments,  moles, warts, skin tightening, anti-aging, regeneration of aged skin, scar-shrinking, hair-regrow, acupuncture, Tattoo- / permanent-make-up removal, anti-inflammatory therapy (Akne, Rosacea….), stretch marks, Xanthelasma and much more.

5 HIFU - systems

The deep lifting with the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound can be performed with the specialized Systems on the eye-lids, eye-bags and lips (fineHIFU), on the mid-face, cheeks, forehead and double chin (S.M.A.S.-focus III), on the body, the winking arms and legs (3D-HIFU), for the décolleté- /breasts-lifting (Cooper-Focus) and body forming with the Lipo-HIFU.

Body - forming

All the modern methods without operation like KryoLipoLysis, HiEMT / Magshape and Lipo-HIFU help to shape and firm your body in our private practice.


Aesthetic and medical indications for Botulinumtoxine A and Hyaluronic acids are my main focus for almost 20 years. Updated by the new technics (like volume-lifting, micro-channeling, non-traumatic canulas…) and high class products. 

Pain- and vertebral therapy

With special methods, like shock-wave, neural therapy, acupuncture with Laser or needle or ultrasound, fascial therapy, auriculo medicine, vertebral lining, anti inflammatory therapies, hyperhidrosis, scar therapies, mesotherapy and depression therapy. 

The prices are of course calculated in accordance with the official fee schedule for German doctors (GOÄ).